About the Artist

Sann René Glaza was born in Iowa, USA. She studied at the University of Kansas where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Although she worked initially in the graphics field, a career change took her into the world of technology and communications. She worked in Texas and Colorado in the United States and in 1986 a job opportunity brought Sann René to Germany. She relocated to Belgium in 1990 where she resides today with her husband, Geert Aerts, and her two children, Siméon and Karlien.

Despite a busy career and an active family life, Sann René has always found time for her art. From 1999 to 2002 she took a career break to spend more time with her children and to develop her creative talents. During this period, she began oil painting and gave lessons to both adults and children. Many of the richly colored oils shown in this site are from this period.

In 2002, Sann René returned to the career world full time and is a Manager with Toyota Motor Europe in Brussels. Although there is little time for painting these days, Sann René and her husband share a love of photography. You can find some of her photos on the "Photography" gallery page of this site.

Sann René and her family 2013

Sann René and her husband, Geert Aerts 2012
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Sann René can be reached by e-mail at info@sannrene.com

This website is located at http://www.sannrene.com/

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